Let's do a Sunday walkt to Christchurch. We drove to sumner and decided to go for a short walk a long the Porthills. Here are the pictures (sorry that I don't write more but I have heaps to do and I don't know what I should write, furthermore sorry that is it only in English(in a bad english, I am tiered)).

Do you see the city


End of Porthills

more sheep land

Tim Sumner is a suburb of Christchurch nice mountain bike area here is our beach in the summer

nice view

in the cave

don't kick me

rail surfing

Nicole and Tim legs of Tim Tim and me for normal surfing is it too cold

what are you up to?

I will take a swim

old soldier

walkway along the coast line

are we right here one, two, three: JUMP Tim in his profession bay next between Porthills and bank peninsula

swing your hairs

it's a raining day

on the peak

too heavy

Nicole next to the waves don't fall no, I don't think so


where are the enemies?


??? you are my biggest enemy stop to rain

in the cafe

at the beach

Nicole, Tim and me f... rain

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