April 2002 in New Zealand


We are back from our trip. It was really nice. Andrea celebrated her birthday and we had a lot of fun in the hotsprings. My present for her birthday was a homepage and here is the link.


If this link doesn't work, here are the same pictures on my homepage.



Oktoberfest 2001: After half a year i did a page about my visit of the famous Munich Oktoberfest. This was the first time for me that I have been there. After the Oktoberfest I travelled a little bit more around the south of Germany and the alps.  
 Here are the pictures ...


Let's climb the Mt. Herbert. It was a really awesome hike. Mt. Herbert is 920 m high, and you start at zero. Alicia and me ... more


It's only fabulously. Catch your car, and you are in the paradise. Akaroa is ... more


Here are some pictures of the new flat. ...more


Avalanche Peak / Athur's Pass

In the morning we got into our car and drove to ... here are the pictures


Today I was with Alicia in Hamner. There are a lot of hotsprings and we had a relaxing day. I felt a little bit like my grandmother. It was really funy. Alicia is from Seattle (USA). I talked a lot with her about everything (politics, economics, and everything else).


The earth is a disc.

It is a shame. I am here since 2 month and I didn't recognized that the sun is turning (I know that the sun is fixed) from the east over the north to the west. I sat on my balcony and had to move all the time to the right. I thought something is wrong here. After a while I remembered that I am in the south hemisphere. But I am not too bad, I met some guys from Prag. They are here since 4 months and they didnīt recognized it.


I was with the kayak-club in Murchisdon. ... more information.


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