Tanja came to visit me. For those who doesn't know her: We used to play together badminton for about 10 years. We met us 16 years ago, that's quite amazing. We left on Sunday and traveled 3500km. Despite the rain we had an awesome time.

And here are the pictures of the first part !!!

Christchurch-Omaru-Dunedin-Invercargill-Bluff-Steward Island


Well, I met Mr. Tom Paulay. You don't know him? I didn't know him before I started to study here in New Zealand. Mr. Paulay is lecture for Earthquake and Concrete Engineering. He is one of the most famous people in this area. He published a lot of books (the cost a couple of hundreds or even thousands of Dollars. I read some of them. He came into my office, I thought he is Yati (my work mate) and so I didn't turned around. After five minutes I noticed that he is still waiting in the door. Of course, I still didn't know him. We talked a little bit (he wanted to see my work mate) and I asked him who he is. He look in a shelf for a book and grabbed a book: "Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings". He looked for his name and pointed on his name. I felt a embarrassed. After we talked about Europe and Germany during the war. His relatives are from Offenbach, my hometown. They were leather manufacturer (quite common in Offenbach).

Tom Paulay


We did a short walk in the Porthills next to the beach. It was a rainy day but really nice.



Here are some pictures of my university. I will have now an exam and so I can't explain much, but I think there hasn't much to be explained.


I cooked yesterday for the next three days. I took one box of pasta (ricepasta) to uni. Andrea thought that I forgot my food and so she came around. This is really nice.

Thanks a lot Andrea

After I explained Yati, she is in my office, how her camera works. So this pictures materialized (is this the right term, I don't think so, I got it from my dictionary). Yati is from Malaysia and does her PHD here in Concrete. The other pictures are the view out of my office to the mountains to the Athur's Pass.

food of Andrea


View to the mountains


The first fem simulation of my project is running. That you can see what I am doing and complaining all the time, here are some pictures from the output:

everything together

the timber and the steel rod

the epoxy layer

the timber brick with the hole

As you can see the connection exists of three parts in reality and of four in my model. These parts are a timber block, steel rod (threaded steel in reality, not in my model) and a epoxy layer. The epoxy layer glues the timber block to the steel rod. There for the drilled hole in the timber block is 2mm bigger than the diameter of the steel rod. I displayed all the parts by its self, this is only possible with the Finite Element Program. Every color displays a different stress amount in each element (part) of the connection. The next step will be to compare the output of the program with real tests. I will try to get as close as possible to the true values of the tests. After this step the connection can be improved by different factors as embedment length of the steel rod or the timber cross section. If you want know more about my project, here is a pdf-file (nothing change to the last one, sorry about that):


PS: I am a little bit proud of me.


Here you can see what I do in the summer time.


My grandma called me yesterday. She asked me when I will come home (she believes that I will be back next week, perhaps she forgot that I'm in New Zealand). For those who don't know my grandma, here a short description: She is 89 years old and really nice. She lives still be her self, but my parents visit her everyday (she gets also food on wheels, this is the phrase in Germany for the service for old people). Till half a year ago she used to iron all our clothes.
Sometimes she believes I am in America, I guess she has no association with New Zealand. We talked about a lot. She asked me if the guys in New Zealand drink beer and if there is even beer. It is a little bit sad that I won't be at her birthday in 4 month, but when I will be back, we will have a awesome party. I put a picture of my grandma and my parents below (it has no meaning that it is black and white, I didn't had another one).


I have my own office now. Now I can start to work proper (I try, but do I want?). The view out of the window is nice, I can see the alps, there is a lot of snow. Furthermore I have a network connection all the time. I try to install the fem-programm (finite element method) and ready some papers for my project (not really interessting). Everybody who wants to visit my, here is the office no.: 302 in the civil engineering department.

See you.


Beachparty. But not a normal one. Primitve Beach Party was the topic. We dressed us up and had a lot of fun.

Primitve Beach Party


Big Air in Chirstchurch. At the Cathetral Square was a big jump.


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