After a trip to Fox Glacier, Mt. Aspiring Valley and Wanaka I am back in CHCH. I will pick up my parents now from the airport ... and leave the country in a few weeks :-( and :-).

See you in Germany once



Merry Christmass and a happy new year.


Have been at the ocean today, the weather in germany is a little bit different

link to web cam

link to web cam of feuerberg
(this is next to Frankfurt, I will go snow boarding in february)


Stutzi is online

A good friend of mine is studying in Stockholm (Sweden). He started to do a homepage (after one and a half years, lazy ass).






Tim left,

well, I guess I will miss him. We had a lot of awesome experience, not always funny (glacier-tour). I learned a lot of him, especially about Americans. Before I came to New Zealand I thought in the USA exists only Mc Donald's and Nike. That's not so, for sure. I couldn't understand him at the beginning, well, I learned that.

Thanks a lot and see you once riding our bikes in Moab or doing the transalp.

Greetings Seppel :-)



Everythink on the had

I had birthday, that was crazy, going to the beach, normaly I can do snowball fights at my birthday. More later ....









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