November 2002


Trip with Johannes to the top of the south island



- 26.11.02

My presentation was today, not the final one, but I am getting there. It was quite good.



- 18.11.02

My grandma had her 90th birthday.

Happy Birthday

I can exactly remember when I left in February. We said goodbye, it was the most difficult saying goodbye. What does it meant in that case. Now I am pretty sure that we will see us soon in germany at the airport. She will be there, even if she changed a little bit, but that doesn't matter. I called her, I guess she doesn't know where New Zealand is an so I said I am in the America. For those who don't know her, here is picture of her (for some people it might be familiar but I don't have another one of her at the moment).


- 15.11.02

Fjordland, well, for just two days a long drive, but it was an awesome trip. It is one of the nicest places in New Zealand ...



- 14.11.02

I finished my last exam. I am quite happy about that. Also the summer started and so we went to the beach. We, that is Johannes from Germany, Andrea and me. It was cold at the beginning, but after a while it was good fun.



- 2-5.11.02

I have finished my second to last exam. Tim already waited for me at Fox Glacier. First I got a bus

... here is the whole story



- in the past

some pictures of our flat and next to Chch

lazy guy
smart ass
at the quarry
über den dächern Chch



-Val Thorens

Some pictures from my last ski holidays in europe ...


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