October 2002


We left Christchurch early in the morning at about 6:30. It was still dark and a little bit cold. Malcom, Katrin, Aiko and me want to go to Mt. Herbert with our bikes. here are the pictures



The summer can start

I opened my balcony door. I closed it in the wintertime because the sealing wasn't very effective. I went to the warehouse and got some spray foam. It was quite a bit of work to get that stuff out of the wooden frame, I hope it is not to early. Now I can go directly from my room to the garden, that's cool.



I am on the web page of the timber company for which I do my project.


Epoxy glued in rods in LVL after test

From left, Dr Peter Moss, Associate Professor

Andrew van Houtte, fibre-gen sponsored ME student, Design, fabrication and testing of glued steel rod joints in LVL

Sebastian Oppel, Exchange student Darmstadt University, Finite element analysis of joints


University students researching laminated veneer lumber

Carter Holt Harvey is supporting research in Laminated Veneer Lumber at both the University of Auckland and University of Canterbury schools of engineering. CHH futurebuild makes LVL at its facilities in Nangwarry SA and Marsden Point NZ. Through the programmes set up by Hank Bier at CHH fibre-gen, new data is being developed to give designers more choices in detailing the connections between pieces of LVL in the large engineered buildings for which this versatile product is particularly suited. At Auckland, a young engineering student (Daniel Schreibmair) is doing a masters degree in self drilling 6 mm diameter fasteners that can connect LVL with thick metal jointing plates. In Christchurch, one senior student (Warren Lane) is studying the fire performance of LVL and another two (Pictured) are studying the behavior of joints using steel rods glued in the side and end grain of LVL members. Andy van Houtte is doing design and test development, while Sebastian Oppel is doing a finite element analysis to determine where the stresses are critical. Sebastian is an exchange student from the University of Darmstadt in Germany.

They are ably assisted by the experienced University staff, Dr Peter Moss and Professor Andy Buchanan in Christchurch and Dr Richard Hunt in Auckland. The joint in the photo carried a load of 32 tonnes before the test machine was able to pull it apart. The work will eventually establish a full range of design data for different types of connection.


Hank Bier
CHH fibre-gen

link to article and the page of CHH


Happy birthday


After a nice dinner in a turkish restaurant we went to our place and had a nice bonfire ...


Jo, I am complaining about my project, that's quite a bit of work. I will do a little bit more work with Autocad (it is already half past 12 in the night, that is not a normal working time for me). Furthermore the lectures are over, what that means, I guess everybody who studies knows that, more work. In Christchurch started the spring, that is really nice, you can see a lot a blooming flours and even chicks in the park.

evidence for the spring
I worked till 3'o clock


Let's go to the westcoast.Our plans were to do the Inlandtrack, but due to to much rain we decided to do a two day hike from Barrytown to Blackball link


Rieger is here. For those who don't know him: He is a good friend form Germany and wants to see New Zealand (sorry, only in german).

Lake Tekapo

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