Weekend: We jumped in our car and drove to the westcoast. In between we stoped at some hot springs behind Hamner Springs.

pictures are here

-13.07.02All Blacks against Australia. That was a big party.



Skiing in July, this makes fun. We left Christchurch to have a couple of nice days at Temple Basin. Do you want to see the pictures?



I thought after my exams I need a trip. A friend of me does his Phd in Physiks and is working in an observatory, so we left to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook (only in german, sorry for that).

Obersvatorium am Lake Tekapo


So, that everyone believes my that it is cold. Here is my flatemate Cecillia from Sweden. I think see is used to cold temperature.

For the one that doesn't see the picture clear, here is a short describtion: Cecillia is sitting in front of the telli with a hat, a slepping bag and gloves. I love New Zealand.

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