Jo, who thought this? Our guys are in the finals. I was a little bit confused. We didn't played well, don't talk about the qualifying back home in Europe (we had to play against Ukraine). But in the final everything changed: I have the opinion that we were the better team, perhaps I am the only one who has the opinion, but at least we were as good as Brasilia. I had also a lot of support of Kiwis (thank you very much Pauli).



I went skiing. This is really crazy to go skiing in June.



And another year is over. My previous flatmate Nicole became 24 years.



Tonight it was really cold. I wear about 5 layers. It's so cold that we got some snow. I'm a little bit confused about this. Why, well back home it is summer and my friends told me that it is about 35 Celcius.

Here are the pictures of the event


Nice trip over the weekend. We went to the Poulter River Valley and had an awesome trip.

Caseyhut tramp

-1.6.02 Ensoc bike tour




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