Pictures during the week

Timo on Timos sofa
me on the couch
german soccer

First week back home

I have to get used to the european system again, that isn't too easy. I have some major problems with the € (Euro), with the language and with other stuff. I also did a lot of biking in the hills next to darmstadt, this is really nice at the moment because of the snow.


I arrived at the airport after an 13 hour flight, that was boring. At the airport a lot of friends from Offenbach and Darmstadt picked me up. That was AWESOME. It is good to come home and to be welcome. We went to a pub and had a few beers. I told also some stories about New Zealand and the lovely kiwi girls (well, there wasn't much to tell :-)). Nobody couldn't believe how cold it was in the wintertime in 5 Girvan St., but I won't miss that experience.

-27. - 31.1.03

Singapore was a interesting city, but I wouldn't stay there 3 days again. I came out of the airport with my winter coat and got a heat shock. It was damn humid and hot. The difference between New Zealand and Singapore (or Europe and Singapore) is the following: You get out of a building in Europe and you start to freeze, you get in a building or in the subway in singapore and you start freeze. I hope I have some pictures here soon.


The last day in New Zealand. I went to bed at about 1 am, couldn't sleep and decided to watch a movie till 4 am. Couldn't sleep again. I woke up at 7 am and packed my stuff. I wasn't in a rush, that was good. I went to the barber and got a nice haircut. I went for the last time to uni and met my supervisor to talk about my project :-) (no further comments). At about 12 am we (thanks a lot Hannes) drove to the airport. I put all my luggage on a trolley and prayed at the check in. I my suitcase had about 23 kg, my bike about 7 and allowed were only 20 kg, but they didn't charged my, not here. I went to the waiting hall and did some corrections for my porject. Boarding time was at 14:30 pm, at 14:15 pm my name was paged (I don't know why). Anyway, I put my stuff together in a rush and arrived at the plane with all my hand luggage (that was quite a bit). The woman put it on a scale and it had about 25 kg. She wanted to have 150 bucks, no way for some ... uni scripts (back home I recognized that there was some necessary stuff in: insurance card, ...). I decided to leave the stuff in New Zealand and a friend picked it up (thanks a lot again Hannes). Finally I sat in the plane and I thought all the trouble is over, but one should think, especially not me. I didn't took five minutes and 3 security guys asked me about my timber-epoxy-steel connection which looks a little bit susceptible (I agree with this). I talked with them, showed them my report about it (which is really awesome :-) ), they put it again under x-rays and brought it back. I guess I had the attention of the whole plane, well, I look a little bit like terrorist. After a 11 hour flight I arrived in Singapore.


After 4 and a half weeks with my parents I left Auckland early in the morning with the plane. After a two hour flight I arrived in Christchurch. In the evening we had a small saying good bye party.


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