Didn't pass my exam :-). It was my first one.


Do you want to know where I lived before I left to NZ and where I am staying at the moment? It is called Karlshof, a big student hall (about 1000 people), some people might call it ghetto. My grand mom said once to my dad:" If Sebastian would be my son, I wouldn't let him live her". But there are also a lot of nice things like the Rosenhöhe which is only 5 min. away from there or the flatmates and other friends near by. Karlshof and Rosenhöhe


Harmish, a friend from New Zealand wrote a story about his hometown Gisborne. Gisborne is a small city in the north Island, here is the story with some good pictures. Thanks Harmish



I went for a walk with my grand mom. I guess I told a lot about her, but she is really cute for her age. Everything takes a little bit longer, but that is okay. Before you say something abut the picture, well, I guess I am a little bit taller than my grand now and I didn't thought about that :-). In the evening I went to "CARNEVAL IN BIEBER" for the first time in my life. This is perhaps not surprising for people who are not from Bieber, but as an old original Bieberer this is quite un normal. We had a good time, listened to some funny speeches and danced afterwards in the sparkling wine bar and here are the pictures.


-13.02.03 evening

We went boarding on the wasserkuppe with some mates. The Wasserkuppe is a small hill about with an altitude of 1000 hm (sorry american guys, I don't know how much feet this is but it is not amazing) 100 km away from Frankfurt. There are three slopes and lights so you can do night skiing. Well, the three slopes are not the best once (it takes longer to get up than down (not for uwe)) but for a thursday night it was good fun ... link




I went to my bike shop and borrowed the digicam. Here are some pictures of my home, the nature around and the bike shop.



My new url is online :-). It was a lot of work. The name is real. What do I mean with that? I will explain it once when I have time.

is am START



My new address with some maps (locations in europe).


Now I am organizing stuff for uni, a new flat, my homepage and other stuff (for example I need a new health insurance card, read 27.1 if you are interested why :-)). I also visit some friends in Offenbach and enjoy to watch soccer. Furthermore I have still trouble to work with computers (I tried to install windows xp, didn't worked out because I couldn't read the key). More updates as soon as I have a camera, I am looking forward guys, I know you want to see the pictures form germany.


I had welcome back party in Offenbach, it was cool to meet all the good friends. We didn't party as much as in earlier years, but it was good. I guess we got elder.

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