bikeworld 2003, good stuff for all bike fans

our shop

more pictures here


Goodbye Julia

some pictures



did some road biking

steep climb
spring is coming
here are the pictures




my flatmates and my shoes

Mathias with his girlfriend

me on the balcony



birthday party of tina


and here is the new url of tina (that might change once)


We went biking with all the guys from the shop Bikeschmiede 262. We had a damn good time with some awesome test bikes from Rocky Mountain, thanks a lot PW.
jump in the bus
take some beautiful girls
do some good rides
and watch the sunset ...

and here are the pictures


I shouldn't go there, but I am addicted, well, they played really bad and no goals, I hope they don't fall back. But there was one happy moment that night. Eintracht Frankfurtlost.


all the dangerous hooligans
afterwards I went out with some old mates
Well, I came home at about 2 am. That wasn't too late and so I started to do some work for this damn project we have to hand in in a couple of days. I went finally to bed at about half past three. I had to work the next morning in my old shop and I was really tired.





I moved again at the beginning of this week. Well, I stay there only one month and so the room isn't really nice, but I don't care as long as I have a bed and a roof over my head (have a look at my special desk, it is a typical german beer bench).











I finally finished my project. I had my presentation in front of three professors and 2 phd candidates. The presentation worked well, the questions afterwards weren't easy The grade I got was a 1.7 which is the same as a B+.


Didn't pass my exam :-).


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