I visited some friends in Stockholm. They study at the KTH for two (one) year(s). We stayed in town for 4 days and after that we went hiking on the Sörmlandsleden track...    Stockholm



Mark arrived from Canada

mark in a typical pub


more pictures



Johannes is back from new zealand



We (my new flatmates and a friend from Darmstadt) went to Paris. I visited there a friend from Darmstadt, he does an exchange program there. Also he is in the biking club and organized a road bike race on which I took part (not Tour de France). Pictures are here



Had to do some wood for my parents for the winter. Because of the experience of New Zealand that wasn't a problem anymore.


I finally moved. This is the third time in two months that I am moving, I got tired of it, but now I will stay there for a little bit longer (I hope so if my flatmate's don't kick me out :-) ). The place is really cool, the flatmate's are nice and I have only to cross the street to get to my department. You can find my new address here. Are you interested in my new flat, come around (well, I guess for most of you guys it is too far away, but you are welcome). If you can't come, here are some pictures.


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