News September 2003


took part at an awesome outdoor event:

30 km's biking, 10 km's running, 5 km's going with a canoe and 3 km's running again. it took all together more than 8 hours (the only orientation we had was a map and a compass) more ...



got back from my trip, was really aweseom, 1060 km's, saw a lot of different things. started in basel, rode my bike through the jura, lausanne (thanks werner), genf, charmonix, martigny, col du st. bernardo (2472 m), aosta, pavia, milano, como, lugano. caught the train back due to heavy rain.


crossing the alps, starting with the bike in basel (ch), finally arriving in milano and meet a friend. going back by bike over the alps or staying in italy with the bike for another week, all depends on the weather ...

cu seppel


had the last exam this period, was f*cking b*llshit, well, I did only 70% percent, than came the timeover button, I hope I still passed it, I wasn't the only one who did only so less :-)



some pictures of my birthday (found them when I cleaned up my room :-) ) ...

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