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New Year 2009



Did some cross country skiing and went out for a nice dinner with our parents ...

Cross Country Ski New Years Eve Dinner



Visiting Salzburg, another city worth to visit ...




We drove to Grassau next to the Chiemsee. Skiing was on the plan ...

Steinplatte skiing Steinplatte skiing Steinplatte skiing



Going south: Visiting my godmother in Bamberg and Marenge and Stutzi Nürnberg ...

Bamberg Bamberg 2 Nuernberg



Heimaturlaub 3: Christmas at home ...

Christmas at home



Heimaturlaub 2: Visiting friends and Family in Darmstadt and Michelstadt ...




Heimaturlaub 1: We went home via London and met Björn, Johanna and Dirk ...




Our housemate had a beer testing session going on, I think he preferred the german Hefe Weizen, good stuff eh.

Jumbo tasting beerJumbo tasting beer



Sebastian's birthday ...

Exploring @ Duffy Lake Road



We hiked up to Grouse Mountain from our place together with Jenn and Dave ...

Exploring @ Duffy Lake Road



Exploring @ Duffy Lake road ... NEW - TEXT AND PICS!!!

Exploring @ Duffy Lake Road Exploring @ Duffy Lake Road Exploring @ Duffy Lake Road



Skiing Season started: We went to Rogers Pass. It is a long drive but it was worth it.

Victor did a massive write up on it, 120 pictures. If you want to check it out click here.

I put also some pictures up, no text so, click here.

Rogers Pass Rogers Pass Rogers Pass Rogers Pass Rogers Pass



Winter is on its way: Changed one of the bike racks to the ski rack.

Even there is now snow around at the moment it is never too late to put the ski rack on. Actually last it snow in the local hills so it is not far away.

Winter is on its wayWinter is on its way



Kerstin got new brakes on her bike, disc brakes

Disc BrakeDisc Brake

Disc Brake       Disc Brake



Riding in the Valley ...

Chilliwack Ridge Ride



Went to Tofino on Vancouver Island ...

Tofion on Vancouver Island



Went for a ride after work in Squamish ...

Riding in Squamish



After the SUN Run in April I decided to run once again:
This time it was a half marathon, the North Shore Half
and I made it to the finish line ...

Half Marathon in North Vancouver



I got a new bike and took it out for a ride to Whistler, the weather was pretty nice, it's probably the nicest time of the year if it doesn't rain. It's not too hot and the colours are just amazing with the yellow leaves, the blue skies and the mountains with some icing sugar on top. Winter is not too far away ...

Whistler Lost Lake riding Whistler Lost Lake riding



After having breakfast with Victor in our back yard we went to Fort Langley to check the historical town. Probably the last nice day this year where we can have breakfast outside.

Breakfast with Victor Breakfast with Victor


Breakfast with Victor



Another day another crane. Check out the movie and the pictures.



Click here to see a movie from the top of the crane.

Click here to see some more pictures.



Playing one of the Canadian national sports: Curling ...




Riding in the Bike Park in Sunpeaks

Last weekend in Sunpeaks from Sebastian Oppel on Vimeo.;


Victor put a tr up on his blog, check it out ...



Riding in Whistler: Gargamel and the bike park ...

Gargamel and Whistler Bike Park



Hiking in the backyard, Lynn Peak ...

Lynn Peak hike Lynn Peak hike Lynn Peak hike



Riding the shore ...

Cypress Riding Cypress Riding Cypress Riding



Hike to Brew Hut ...

Brew Hut



Operating a 35 story (about 300 feet or 100 meter) high tower crane. Well, not operating but sitting in the cabin and doing a 360 ...

tower crane tower crane


I also took a movie of it:




Riding in the shore, another movie. Upper Oilcan, Ladies Only and Lower Ladies ...




Hiking at Wedgemount Lake ...

Wedge Mount Lake Wedge Mount Lake Wedge Mount Lake Wedge Mount Lake



Oasis played in Vancouver at BC-Place ... we had a great night!

Wedge Mount LakeWedge Mount Lake



Riding the Shore




Went to Silverstar Bike park to shred some gnar




2 week trip to the Kootenays in British Columbia ...

Kootenay Road Trip       Kootenay Road Trip       Kootenay Road Trip



Work survey ...

Work Survey



Some time ago I flew to Germany over the weekend. Chris and Bea got married ...

Wedding Chris and Bea



Carsten came for a visit to Vancouver ...

Carsten Carsten



Ski touring in July on Mt. Adams ...

Mt. Adams Mt. Adams Mt. Adams Mt. Adams



That's how you look like if you try to ride in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in the rain, not that happy :-).


Ps: The picture is taken after I washed my bike and myself with the hose for 10 min.



Sky Pilot attempt: 11 hours of hiking wasn't enough ...

Sky Pilot Sky Pilot Sky Pilot Sky Pilot



Some more riding in Squamish ...

Riding in Squamish Riding in Squamish



After the game we went to the Buntzen Lake area ...

Buntzen Lake



Even the support of our housemate Jumbo didn't help.

EM Jumbo



Riding in Squamish ...

Riding in Squamish Riding in Squamish



Riding in the Shore, we did a movie ...

Riding in the Shore Riding in the Shore



Jenn and Aaron got married in Winnipeg so we flew over there. Jenn and Aaron are good friends of us from Vancouver. Kerstin took courses with Aaron together at UBC.

Jenn and Aaron Wedding Jenn and Aaron Wedding



Skiing season isn't over yet. Climbing Mt. Baker ...

Climbing Mt. Baker



Feli and Peter are back from their trip, they rented a small campervan out and toured around BC. Actually it was the smallest car available.

Feli and Peter Campervan



World Championships in Triathlon are in Vancouver

Thriathlon Championships

Thriathlon Championships



Hiking on Vancouver Island with Feli and Peter. We did the Juan de Fuca Trail, a 47 km long hike along the shore of the west coast of Vancouver Island ...

Juan de Fuca Trail Juan de Fuca Trail Juan de Fuca Trail



Seppel took part in the Ski to Sea Race. Now you are gone say what the heck is this. Well, in Germany it would be difficult to do, I guess everywhere in Europe it would be difficult to do. Well, perhaps you could do it in Italy from the Etna or in Iceland. Anyway, here are some pictures of the event and some more details ...

Sea to Ski race: Mt. Baker to Bellingham, WA, USA



We shred some gnar! First day in the Whistla Bike Park this season! ...

Shred some gnar: WBP 1



To finish the long weekend up I had the idea to do a road bike trip since I haven't done this sport on the weekend. I haven't done a road bike trip in 3 years so it wasn't that much fun, especially considering the terrain and the weather. I asked Tom who used to race for the canadian cross country ski team. This wasn't probably a smart idea even so he told me he hadn't done much road biking this year. We wanted to climb both mountains, Mt. Seymour and Cypress Mountain. Both Mountains are about 1000 meters above sea level. Since we started on sea level and the road between them goes all the way down to sea level we climbed about 2000m and did 100km. Here are a few pictures:

At the top of Mt. Seymour I still looked okay. This wasn't the case anymore on top of Cypress Mountain. I was pretty tired. It rained all day long (well, it stopped once in a while but as soon as I was dry it started to rain again). We followed the speed limit since it was bloody cold.

Mt. Seymour road bike Mt. Seymour road bike


And here is a map of the trip:

Mt. Seymour road bike


Now I am pretty tired :-).



We went again Mountain biking in Squamish after we really enjoyed it 3 weeks ago. The trails are pretty smooth and fast. Here are two pictures of Kerstin riding down Roller Coaster.

Moutain biking in Squamish Moutain biking in Squamish Moutain biking in Squamish



Summer Ski touring on Mt. Seymour in Shorts ...

Summer Skitouring on Mt. Seymour Summer Skitouring on Mt. Seymour Summer Skitouring on Mt. Seymour



Riding in Whistler ...

Whisler XC riding Whisler XC riding Whisler XC riding



Riding in Merritt, BC ...

Merritt riding Merritt riding




Happy Birthday Mom



We went to the Inter River Skills Park in North Vancouver ...

Inter River Skills Park, North Van Inter River Skills Park, North Van



We put the bikes on our cars and drove up to Squamish to have a super bike ride thanks to our guide Andrew ...

Riding in Suqamish Riding in Suqamish



Hiking and riding the Shore with Terrie and Paul ...

North Shore hiking North Shore hikingNorth Shore hiking



Snowshoe hike on Cypress Mountain with Anna.

Snowshoe Hike Cypress Mountain



We did the Sun Run. What is the Sun Run, it is a gongshow. Here are some more pictures ...

Sun Run



The Ripper is on. It is a local fun race. It was quite nice since we had snow on the ground. The race track was just behind my house in the forest.

Chris doing the Ripper



It snowed again. It is almost May and the Winter is still not over. It started Friday night and when we woke up the next morning we had about 10 cm of fresh snow in the back yard.

snow in april in the backyard snow in april in the backyard



Went riding on the Shore ...

Riding on the Shore: Boogieman Riding on the Shore: Boogieman



Ski touring in the local hills ...

Skitouring Mt. Seymour




Watch out when you come to us (for those who don't know our address, we live on Mountain Highway):

bear on Mt. Highway



Night ski touring with James and Nathan on Seymour Mountain, crazy to ski on April in 20 cm of fresh snow in the local hills. It was a bit crusty but not too bad for a after work ski tour.

seymour night touring seymour night touring

seymour night touring



Went riding on the weekend, it rained a bit so. Now I have even more freckles ...

seppel riding in the rain seppel riding in the rain



I put all the movies together on an index page, not a lot so far but will be more soon ...




Went to Russet Lake Hut again ...

Group Picture @ Russet Lake Hut Group Picture @ Russet Lake Hut



Eastern on Brew Hut ...



a movie of kerstin: some nice turns



Ski touring on Mount Sproat with Kate and Ken ...

Mount Sproat



Seppel got some new armour for the riding season. Well, actually he got a whole lot more but that wouldn't fit on the pic. Don't worry mum, it is not another bike, just some more parts like a fork, new brakes, new shifters, ...

Bike armour



Ice skating on Grouse Mountain ...

Ice skating on Grouse Mountain



Sunset on top of Vancouver ...

Sunset above Vancouver



Seppel had to drive to Squamish for work ...

Drive to Squamish



Night ski touring again since the snow the day before was pretty good ...

Night Skitouring on Seymour


Night ski touring on Seymour Mountain ...

Above Vancouver from Seymour


A Sunday in Vancouver ...

adf adf


Riding season started ...



Back country skiing at Mount Baker, Washington ...



Back country skiing at Russet Lake Hut, Whistler ...


Digging a snow pit in 120 cm of fresh snow, quite wet so ...


We didn't do much all day, well, cleaned up the flat and the car. Since it was a nice day I thought I could go up on Cypress for a couple of runs and do some night skiing and check out Hollyburn Mountain ...


Well, for some people this might be a normal procedure but for me it was the first time to do it, an oil change. I have never owned a car for longer than 5000 km (the one in New Zealand broke down after 4500km). I got some 4x6 from work so I could jack up my car.



Went Backcountry Snowboarding on Cypress Mountain ...


Victor put a video together of his time in BC, biking and skiing, great stuff ...


A snow storm came through BC. It snowed up to 30 cm at our place. The traffic was just a gongshow. I even could build a snowman in the back yard. After work I went up on Seymour Mountain to go ski touring. There were about 50 cm of fresh dry powder. We got some nice turns in. I used my biking headlamp system to have enough light. No pictures of the touring so, too dark :-).


26.- 27.01.08
After staying at Whistler over night we left Whistler on Saturday morning towards Duffy Lake Road. I guess not a lot of people know where that is (most Canadians even don't know). You have to drive through Whistler, past Pemberton and up a pass north for another 30km. After some problems with the GPS (German Positioning System) we finally were on the right track and had an amazing time, even perhaps the best day of skiing in my life. Since I am so busy and Victor is doing a good job I just post a link to his page:

I also made a small album with best of pictures, no text so: album


We also took a movie: seb (15MB)

Movie 2 of Andrew

Movie 3 of Paul

Movie 4 of Paul


Terri and Paul put also pictures on their blog ...


Our friends Terri and Paul stayed a week in Whistler. We drove up there on Thursday night and had an amazing day of skiing on Friday, thank you guys.


Sunrise above Vancouver ...


Night skiing and skinning, an a amazing night above Vancouver on Seymour Mountain. I think I need a new camera.


Skiing in Whistler, one day inbounds and one day out of bounds ...


Vancouver is sometimes crazy for traffic so the city builds a sky train, quite interesting for civil engineers ...


Visited Tim in Seattle for his housewarming party. We had a good time and did a snowshoe hike on saturday, well, it was more a snowball fight than a hike.


Powder days are on. Went to Whistler first time this season and skied in a bowl which was closed for three days. It was just sick. There was up to 100cm fresh powder snow. We didn't take a lot of pictures since the pow was so good and you had to be fast. There was only time to take pics in the queue of the chairlift. Text and pictures by Victor Gin ...


28.12.07 to 03.01.08
NEW YORK, visiting Werner and Laurene in their new home town ...


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