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Mt. Baldy ...



Checking out Frisco and gearing up for the summer ...



Skiing inbounds at Copper Mountain ...



Skiing up to an old mining site ...



We were looking for it in Salt Lake City and we found it in Colorado ...



Going to the high country ...



Entering Colorado ...



Last National Park for now, Arches ...


You think you can't see much different than in the one before but you get there and every time it is pretty amazing what nature can do in 150 million years. Canyonland was ...



Slick Rock Part II and Porcupine Rim Trail ...



Natural Brides Monument Park and shreddin the Slickrock gnar in Moab, a life time dream came true without planning it ...



Glen Canyon Park ...



Capitol Reef National Park ...



A short day tour in a typical Wasatch birch forest ...



Ski Touring in Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside of Salt Lake City ...



Salt Lake City, nothing special I guess.

The Capitol, pretty big for a State.


State of the Art technology, still don't understand what that thing in the back does.


They have a few churches in Utah, well, I guess you need to have those if government is church and church is government.



Driving time, some random pictures of the day ...



Some hot spring action and a nice day ski tour in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho ...



1925 km, 1 day and 7 hours, that's how much we have driven so far.

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Now we are in Boise, the capital of Idaho. Our aim is still Salt Lake City but in the next days we will do a bit of a detour and go through the Sawtooth Mountain Range.

One of the many canyons we saw on the way.




The view from our over night camp spot.




Nathan and the Lowen family invited us to visit them at their yearly Crystal Mountain get away. Crystal Mountain is a ski resort ...



Some of you already know: We got engaged!



Where we have been so far. Thanks Bettina and Sigi for the Van, we really have a great time with it!

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Our next aim is a Crystal Mountain, a ski resort next to Mt. Rainier. After that we are heading to Utah to do some more ski touring.



We had a stop over in Seattle at our friend Tim, thank you!



We did our winter trip to Tofino with about 16 people, lots of fun ...



Skiing Mt. Washington, this resort should be good if snow is half decent. There is some good terrain and I think it wouldn't get skied out too fast. Unfortunately it was pretty icy. You can see the ocean from the resort, reminds me of Mt. Hutt in New Zealand.


Later on we drove towards Tofino. Just before Port Alberni we stopped at the Little Qualicum Falls. Pretty nice spot.




Went for a ski tour around Mt. Washington area, lots of snow there.


Gear has to dry before it goes into the Van.


Vancouver Island definitely has some potential for some good ski touring!




Nanaimo Harbour, black and white. Should do it more often.


On the east coast of Vancouver Island, a Sea Eagle eating a fish.



ROAD TRIP STARTS: Okay, for everybody who doesn't know yet: We are going on a long vacation. We leave Vancouver and travel around for 10 months before we head home to Europe. First we are going to do a ski road trip with a van for about two months. This is going to be the rough route: Vancouver - Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) - Mt. Washington - Tofino - Victoria - Port Angeles (Olympic Peninsula) - Seattle - Crystal (Ski Resort at Mt. Rainier) - Salt Lake City (Utah) - Aspen (Colorado) - Jackson Hole (Wyoming) - Lake Louise (Canadian Rockies) - Wapta Traverse (a 6 day hut to hut trip) - back to Vancouver. On the 28th of April we are going to fly back to Germany for one month. Another 3 month road trip through North America including East Canada will follow. Once fall is coming we are heading towards Down Under and New Under and New Zealand before we will be at home around Christmas 2010. Cu on our trip.


This is going to be our home for the next months.


Boarding the ferry towards Vancouver Island. Quatchi is on board!




Ski tour on Seymour Mountain with Claudia and Bob ...



The Olympics are in town. Everybody was waiting for it. We had tickets to 6 events: Three times Biathlon, once Skijump, Speedskating, Aerials, ...



Ziplining on Grouse Mountain with Caro and Arndt ...



Went up to Keith Hut with Chad ...



Again, Rogers Pass, this time Balu Pass on a Blue Bird day ...



Skitouring at Rogers Pass, Grizzly Shoulder ...



Skitouring at Lake Louise ...



Went up to Table Mountain at Mt. Baker for the day with Dan ...


Finally got around to finish the movie ...



3 Days of touring at Duffy Lake Road ...

Keith Hut Keith Hut Keith Hut



Last day at work for Seppel. I worked on an interesting project, the Deh Cho Bridge which crosses the Mackenzie River, a 1050m long bridge in the Northwest Territories. I also wrote an article about it which you can download here.



Deh Cho Bridge


Deh Cho Bridge



Mt. Baker New Years ski touring ...

Mt. Baker New Years Mt. Baker New Years Mt. Baker New Years Mt. Baker New Years Mt. Baker New Years



2010 will be an interesting year for us. We will travel around the world. The world is big so we have to choose a few places but we try to visit all of our friends before we head home to europe ...

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